Build a profitable online community at Entrepreneur Community Online Power TeamSocial media marketing for small business is easy to do, but it’s even easier not to do.  Same with any type of marketing.  You get so caught up in the day to day of keeping customers coming through the door, of keeping the wolf away from the door and getting those checks to the bank…. first.  Who has time to tweet and facebook?

We have proven to ourselves that we all do – if it’s part of a well thought out social media marketing strategy.  And we have found a way to make it simple, easy and fun.  We do it in the ECO Power Teams.

Team work and collaboration are already one of the Entrepreneur Community Online values – we just add a little bit more energy to it! We collaborate by connecting & communicating with each other on the great social media site within the Network. We scout for each other, making those valuable connections. And we help promote each others businesses online – all from the ECO Power Team!

Online – It is not build it and they will come. It’s build that beautiful website… and then market it… and THEN they will come. But, doing it by yourself will take So much time… which takes away from your ability to run your business and make money!

We have been teaching entrepreneurs how to create/improve their online presence since 2007. In that time, we have taken all the excess steps out of the process to streamline it as much as possible. We concentrate our energies on what has been proven to work. And every day, we are online – experimenting with new methods, refining existing systems. Our only purpose is to help you get the most out of your social media marketing.

We have found that if we band together, we can create a bigger online presence, faster. We share what we learn with like-minded entrepreneurs and make hard work more enjoyable.

The ECO Power Teams Deliver The Following:
The Power Teams are about Marketing – helping you to create a steady flow of prospects into your pipeline.

The ECO Power Teams help you connect to those who will make your business more successful

  • Lead generation
  • Increased targeted traffic to your website
  • Recognition as the subject matter expert in your niche
  • Creation of an online community of experts, strategic partners and prospective CUSTOMERS!
  • Setting up your marketing channels takes time and effort. The social media marketing utilized in the Power Teams will take consistent effort. You will start to see results within 6 months. Don’t start this type of marketing if you are not willing to put in this time. A haphazard online presence is worse than none at all.

In the first ECO Power Team, we will teach you the basics of how to target, communicate and build networks in the main social media platforms, including ECO. Click here to learn more about how the ECO Power Teams work.