Magical business success is yours when you are in an ECO Power TeamThe ECO Power Teams make social media marketing for small business simple, easy and fun.  Linda M Hughes will help you develop your social media marketing strategy and the Teams will help you implement it!  The ECO Power Teams have been used successfully by entrepreneurs and small business CEO’s since 2007.

In the ECO Power Teams, we teach you how to create/improve your online presence by example. We show you how and then we gently guide you on other ways to achieve better results.

We help you get exposure to your business/ideas while you learn.

We scout for you on and offline. Often, we will become strategic partners, suppliers, vendors, contractors, employees or customers for your business. Join us so we can help you create magic in your business!

Want to know more? Great click here for details on the 2 different Power Team levels and basic training.

What If You Just Want To Outsource Your Social Media Marketing?

Outsource your online & social media marketing to IempowerU Online EntrepreneurNo problem! This happens quite often as our entrepreneurs go from solopreneurs to early stage to mature companies. There will come a time when you will need to hand off your tweet skills to others so that you can lead your company to financial success! And we will be here to take that handoff – click here for details!