Pro ECO Power Teams now in progressSocial media marketing for small business made simple, easy and fun with the ECO Power Teams. Linda M Hughes will help you develop your social media marketing strategy and the Teams will help you implement it! The following is a list of the active ECO Power Teams now available to join.

Only the first 2 are available for those entrepreneurs and small business CEO’s that are new to our system. Please read here for details.

Basic Training
Basic Power Team#ECO_CEOs

Pro ECO Power Team Level:

ECO Advisors#ECOAdvisor – available only to ECO Advisors
ECO Connectpreneurs#ECO Connectpreneurs available only to ECO Connectpreneurs

ECO Israel#ECOIsrael
ECO Access Control#ECOAccessControl
ECO Food And Drink#ECOFoodNDrink
ECO Fashion#Fashion_ECO
WorkOut Exchange#ECOWorkOutExchange

Once you have mastered the Basic Training levels, you can move into one of the existing ECO Pro Power Teams, or create your own.